Blackberry Belle

Martin Eden (dulli)
Esta Noche (dulli/schneeberger)
Teenage Wristband (dulli)
St. Gregory (dulli/tobias)
The Killer (dulli/phillips)
Decatur St. (dulli)
Papillon (dulli)
Follow You Down (dulli)
Feathers (dulli)
Fat City (Slight Return) (dulli)
Number Nine (dulli)

Japanese edition includes the track "Wicked"

Released: October 14, 2003 US

In order of appearance:
Greg Dulli - vocals/guitar/piano/keyboards/rhodes/mellotron/drums
Mathias Schneeberger - guitar/rhodes/mellotron/clavinet/piano
Scott Ford - bass, Jon Skibic - guitars/vocal/banjo
Greg Wieczorec - drums/vocals/percussion
Kamasi Washington - saxaphone
Josh Lampkins - trombone
Chris Gray - trumpet
Petra Haden - vocals, violins
Apollonia Kotero - vocals
Steve Myers - vocals
Michael Sullivan - bass
Jesse Tobias - ebow/guitar
Hoss - drums
Alvin Youngblood-Hart - lapsteel
Chris Phillips - synth loop/drums
Matt Hergert - drums
Rick Steff - clavinet
Brian Young - drums
Nikki Crawford - vocals
Amay - vocals
Stanton Moore - drums
Ashlie Philastre - the clap
Susan Phillips - the clap
Mark Lanegan - vocal
Richard Ford - pedal steel
Rick Steff - organ

Shot on location in Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Memphis.

Produced by Mike Napolitano, Mathias Schneeberger, and Greg Dulli.

originally posted 08.02.04