The Twilite Kid (Dulli)

That's Just How That Bird Sings* (Dulli/Chichester)

Clyde* (Dulli/Chichester/Smith)

King Only (Dulli)

Love (Dulli)

Annie Mae (Dulli/Cobby/McSherry)

Verti-Marte (Dulli)

Last Temptation (Dulli)

Railroad Lullaby (Dulli)

East 17th* (Dulli)

Into The Street* (Dulli/Chichester)

Twilight (Dulli)

Released: September 18, 2000 (USA)/October 9, 2000 (Europe)

Greg Dulli - vocals, guitar, bass, piano, organ, mellotron, kalimba, wurlitzer, harmonica, glockenspiel/Harold Chichester - vocals, guitar/Shawn Smith - vocals, guitar, bass, drums, piano/David McSherry - bass/Steve Cobby - drums, guitar, synthesizer, sitar, organ, scissors/Barrett Martin - tabla, oud, kalimba, sitar/Derek Dicenzo - guitar/Roderick Paulin - saxophone/Corey Henry - trombone/Kermit Ruffins - trumpet/Barb Antonio - cello/Ryan Hadlock - synthesizer, guitar/Jarrod Olman - backing vocals/Michael Horrigan - drums, backing vocals/Kenny Woods - backing vocals/Steve Meyers - backing vocals/Aaron Hammond - congas/Sophia da Silva - vocals on Verti-Marte/Teresa Fyffe - violin/Greg McMullen - pedal steel.

Recorded in Seattle (Magnolia), WA (February 1997), New Orleans, LA (summer 1997), Kingston-Upon-Hull, UK (February-March 2000). Produced and mixed by Greg Dulli and Fila Brazillia (Steve Cobby and David McSherry). * Produced by Greg Dulli, mixed by Greg Dulli and Ryan Hadlock. Engineered by Ryan Hadlock, Steve Cobby, David McSherry. Additional engineering by John Curley and Kerry Brown. Art direction by John Carr. Swans by Paul Rodgers. Photography by Danny Clinch and Andy Willsher.

originally posted 08.02.04