The Twilight Singers


Tour Update #2

March 25,2011

I should have known Glasgow would be a fun show, whilst I ordered early morning breakfast at the local pub the guy next to me ordered two pints of lager and a vodka. He was alone. Welcome to Scotland! The Arches turned out to be a really great venue, first time that we have played there, the crowd wanted a good time and I think we delivered.

Then it was off to Manchester. Usually we play the Academy there, this time however we played Moho Live, a seedy rock club where the smell of disinfectant and sweat hit me as I walked into soundcheck. This is the sort of place we haven't played in ages so it felt like going back in time. We did however play a blistering set and got to hang out after the show with some long time fans.

We headed down to Brighton the next day for the last show in England, and I'll tell you right now this has been my favorite show so far. I don't know if it was the combination of having played a few gigs and the audience being awesome, but the band was on fire and we all felt the songs really gelling and breathing on their own, so much so that we decided to bust out 'Twilite Kid' for the first time on the tour. So many smiling faces and people singing along. We were all really happy after the show. Thank you Brighton.

The next day we traveled to Aachen in Germany for a well deserved day off. Dave and I did a little sightseeing around the town, checking out the gothic churches, etc. Truth be told I then spent the next 8 hours in bed joined at the hip to the Internet which I had been sadly missing.

Off to Cologne to play at Luxor, a rock club with an illustrious past. I hung outside the club for a little while before the show because apparently in Europe you can't smoke anywhere indoors, and talked with the fans. People seem to really be into the new record and it was fun for me to see people in the audience singing along that night.

Then the fun began when the tour bus refused to start after the show and after the mechanics spent about ten hours fixing it (sigh) we began a long road trip to Oslo, arriving here last night around 4AM. 28 hours on a bus is enough to drive anyone nuts so the hotel was a welcome sight. Right now I am backstage at the venue and we'll be soundchecking soon.

Thanks to all of you that have come out and seen us so far, the shows are getting better and better and you are a big part of that.




The Twilight Singers return to Europe in Summer 2011.

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