The Twilight Singers


Tour Update #3

April 9,2011

Both you and I know that I should probably be updating the tour blog more often. But then again I should have probably finished school and bought a house by now so lets not live in the past. Here we go...

Last time I left off we were in Oslo, the most expensive city in the world. The gig was fun and the audience warmer than the outside temperature. They sang along to Martin Eden in a soccer chant, this only ever happens in Norway, it's fucking weird and awesome. I will say this for Oslo, people there dress really well. Everyone looks like an ad for GQ or some other fancy couture magazine and I kinda liked that.

Then we headed to Stockholm and to a club we've played a few times before, Debaser. Ironically when I walked into the joint they were spinning Pixies tracks. The audience was lining up around the block before doors, always a good sign, and with it being a Saturday night we knew it was going to be a good show. There's something about those Swedish crowds, they love a good time, and they then proceeded to have one.

Off to Copenhagen next to play at Vega. For whatever reason they seem to love us in Denmark, singing along and dancing. Perhaps the most memorable moment was watching this guy in the front completely losing his mind to every song and attempting to talk with us all show long. I think the rest of the audience was afraid of him but personally I loved seeing him beaming back at me. After the show somehow he and his friend made it backstage and we had a chat after signing some stuff. Those crazy Danes...

We hit Berlin early the next morning for possibly one of the best shows on the tour. I don't know if it was because we were on fire, the audience was really up for having a good time, or the set list was perfect, probably all three. It's always a good time in Berlin, but this gig was even better than I had expected.

Then we had a day off in Brussels, I took Rick on a sightseeing expedition around the city and we capped the night off by all hanging out at our hotel bar, it almost felt like we were on holiday.

The following day we were playing at AB, one of the best venues a band can ever hope to play. Right after dinner Greg turned to me and said 'I don't feel so good'. This was backed up by the fact that he had turned stark white. Shortly after he began being ill and we were all prepared to cancel the show, simply put Greg was weak and sick, not really the best condition to play a rock show. However Greg said no, he'd go on and try, and so we hit the stage. After a few songs we had to shuffle the set list to allow Greg to perform, which he did while sitting down, kinda like MTV unplugged. We were able to play a full show, although a little different from the one planned.

Greg stayed overnight in Brussels under medication while the rest of us travelled to Paris. Honestly we weren't sure if the show would happen, but we went ahead and soundchecked anyway without Greg, who had caught a train and was now asleep in the hotel across the street. The doctor's put Greg on some serious medication and the band was able to perform that night.

Off we went to Amsterdam, scene of many fun times in my youth, and a few not so fun. This time around we were playing at what is possibly my favorite venue in the world, the Paradiso. Greg was feeling better but still not 100%, however you'd have never known that from the show. I'll go ahead and say this has been my favorite gig on the tour so far. The crowd packed the massive hall, the sound was great, all thanks to Steve Girton our awesome sound guy, and we played like beasts on fire. Thank you Amsterdam, I love you guys.

We then headed off to Switzerland where the air is clear and they have a lot of money apparently. The opening act went over their set by 25 minutes and then gave our tour manager attitude. I don't care if you are Led Zep, an opening act should realize the situation and act with respect. So it was with great pleasure when I saw our TM rip them a new asshole. In fact it fired us up so much we threw down hard on stage and ended up having a great time.

Then begins the row of Italian shows. Our great friend Manuel Agnelli from the hugely popular Italian band Afterhours joined us. Manuel can just about play any instrument, so it was with great ease that he slid in and played the whole set with us. Joining in at Bologna and Milan was ex-Afterhours violinist Dario Ciffo too, our sound at that point was massive. I'd say the Italian leg was one of the highlights, not just because the crowds in each city were going nuts when we played, but also because we got to spend time with our good friends, Ciao Italy!

Last night we played Vienna, they stuck us in a room that was huge, some sort of industrial rock complex. Slayer were playing down the street too. To our surprise the room filled up, people were dancing, the band was smiling, the backstage was awesome, and I'd say we delivered another fine rock and roll show. The crowd were very appreciative and as a reward we busted out 'Black is the Color' for the first time on this tour.

Right now we are in Prague, having a day off. A bunch of us went across the street from our hotel to catch Black Mountain. I love their records but watching them I couldn't help wish I still smoked pot, stoner rock concert for sure. So I'm in the hotel, thank god we have hi speed Internet, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's show. Life on the road, wish you were here....


The Twilight Singers return to Europe in Summer 2011.

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