The Twilight Singers


Tour Update #5

May 1,2011

Hey Scott, where's the fucking tour update for the end of the Euro tour? Yep, I've heard this question a few times, so here we go. Sorry for the delay, but if I was good at doing paperwork and deadlines, etc. I would have worked in an office, you get the picture.

So, Helsinki. As usual the crowd was raucous, they love a good rock and roll show there, don't they? Possibly one of the loudest shows we have played, I was deaf afterwards. We got to go back to the hotel for a few hours sleep before we boarded a flight to Budapest, where we had lunch before boarding another flight to Thessaloniki in Greece. Let's just say that not a lot of sleep was had by any of us and so it was kind of interesting when management informed us we'd be doing live TV that night for around 2 million viewers.

I still don't really know what the show was, other than it was 'wacky' and there was a lot of comedy bits. When it came time for us to perform we played 'Never Seen No Devil' acoustically. You may have thought that we were super cool and not nervous about doing live TV based on the performance, but the truth is we were all exhausted. Anyway, that went well and finally we were able to go to bed back at the hotel. Luckily I snagged a room that picked up the wi-fi from the lobby so I watched stupid You Tube videos (porn) till I fell asleep.

The next night we played in town at a beautiful venue called Principal Theater. It wasn't the biggest show of the tour, but the fans were awesome and a great time was had by all. Once again we only had a few hours to sleep after the show before we had to catch a flight to Athens.

They put us in some weird hotel in the city where I managed to sleep for about 4 hours before checking out and heading to Gagarin, the club we were playing that night. The show was predictably packed, one of those hot and sweaty nights. The audience was great, singing and dancing, and before I knew it we were done.

They whisked us straight from the venue to the airport where we caught a flight to Tel Aviv, no sleep yet mind you.

So we get to the Sheraton in Tel Aviv, and guess who's also staying there? That's right, Justin Bieber! So of course, all night long we had to listen to the incoherent screaming of 12 year old girls waiting to get a glimpse of their idol. I loved the look on their faces when we pulled up to the hotel in blacked-out vans and they started screaming only to see us. Awesome! The circus had come to town.

Reading 3 is a new-ish club in Tel Aviv and it is gorgeous. All backstages should have flat screen TV's, etc. The promoters were amazing, taking us out for dinner and showing us a good time. There's nothing that sucks about playing Israel, I love it there.

I have to be honest, night one was a great show but I found myself having a hard time, I think the traveling was catching up to me and I was just kind of wiped. You'd never know that from the quality of the show, we played our hearts out, but I knew. The next night however was a completely different story, it's amazing what a good meal and some decent sleep will do to you. Night two I actually started dancing onstage. I don't know what happened, it will probably never happen again but I guess I got caught up in the moment, channeling 'Bieber Fever' and generally letting loose. I have to say that was my favorite show of the tour, especially after we dusted off 'Cloudbusting' after an eight year absence.

So there you go, life on the road with the Twilight Singers. It's not always glamorous, but it's always interesting. See you in the States.


The Twilight Singers return to Europe in Summer 2011.

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