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Tour Update #6

May 15,2011

I know, believe it or not I've been busy, but I finally got a chance to sit down and do some tour blogging. Don't hate the player, hate the game...

So we all met in New Orleans where the tour bus picked us up before we took off. Let me tell you, this is by far the nicest tour bus I have ever been on. It's one of those ones that slide out sideways when parked so the living room is huge, I believe roller disco nights are on Thursday. Yes, it's that big. I digress...

So the first gig was in Mayberry, otherwise known as Oxford, Mississippi. Proud Larry's may have been a little too small for the excessive amount of sound gear we carry with us, I have a feeling we were the loudest band to ever play there. The crowd was great except for the one drunk woman (why is it always a woman) down front who wouldn't shut the fuck up. Here's a hint, don't stand right in front of the piano during the quieter tunes and yap like a dog, it's just not conducive to the atmosphere.

Then it was on to the Masquerade in Atlanta. We played in a room called 'Hell', which was appropriate. The crowd was awesome, especially the two super hot blondes down front that sang along the whole time, thank you for that. After the show we snuck upstairs to catch Echo and the Bunnymen, and of course during Papillon Greg sang Killing Moon as an homage to them. A personal highlight of mine was getting to finally meet James Hall from Pleasure Club, one of my favorite bands. So all in all a really good night.

I woke up in Nashville the next morning, scene of our infamous strip club experience last time we played there. And no, I'm not telling. It seemed like the day took forever, and it didn't help when Greg's amp decided to kill itself right at soundcheck. So, after a trip to SIR for a new amp we managed to dial in a sound and play that night. Earlier in the day Greg decided to order the hottest chicken I have ever had in my life. I was in pain while I ate it yet I didn't stop, my stomach thanked me later.

Cat's Cradle in Carrboro is one of my favorite places to play, and the crowd was with us the whole night. Hot and sweaty with people singing along and an air of festivity. It was great to catch up with some old friends there and to be reminded how much we mean to people.

We had the next day off and spent it in Baltimore. I really tried to stay awake but my body was having none of it and I slept most of the day away. However, I did walk around at night, grabbing some food down by the water and raiding the 7-11 down the street to placate a necessary sugar rush. Greg, of course, went to catch the Orioles game.

The 9:30 Club in DC is an absolute joy to play. The sound system there is unreal and the sound on stage was thundering. Once again after the show we talked with fans and it always gives me a kick to hear stories of how our music has affected them. Sometimes it's easy to play it off as 'only rock and roll', but I think it goes a lot deeper than that for some.

Then we hit Philly to play at the Trocodero, a really old theater. I felt like we played a good show and the audience downstairs were amazing. However it's one of those venues that has a balcony with seating, and to see a whole ton of people sitting down at a Twilight Singers show kinda sucks. I get it though, but nonetheless you can't shake your ass while you are sitting on it.

The Paradise in Boston has been renovated since the last time we played there, much bigger, better stage views, and a new sound system. I've always loved playing there but now I really do. I think for me this was the best night up until this point, the band was humming, the crowd wanted to have fun and it sounded great. Dave and I flew our respective better halves in so we had to take the night off from banging groupies. What can you do?

Day off in NYC, I headed out to the Bronx to visit family. NYC is one amazing place, I couldn't live there (way too busy for me) but I sure do love to visit.

The next night we played Webster Hall and it was packed. We always love playing to New York audiences and that night was no exception, I think we gave it 110% and the love we got back from the crowd fueled us even more. We did record the night for a potential DVD, note I say potential, you'll be the first to know how it came out. It truly was a magical night and the feeling of elation was palpable on the bus after. So many great friends came out to see us and I want you to know we appreciate it.

Last night we played Mr. Small's in Pittsburgh, an old church. For some reason the whole stage is carpeted and any band will tell you that this is not a good idea, it just kinda sucks the sound out on stage. Anyway, we put that aside and lit up the stage with a pretty blistering set, which included out cover of Kate Bush's Cloudbusting. Jealous much?

Right now we are in Detroit, we take the stage in a couple of hours. It's raining and cold yet I am still happy to be here, it's the home of rock, how could I not be?

Scott Ford
Detroit MI


The Twilight Singers return to Europe in Summer 2011.

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