A Long Way From Home

Welcome back, y'all, I hope you had a great holiday season. I kept mine pretty low-key, hanging out with my girlfriend and daughter spoiling each other with gifts we didn't really need but surely wanted. It was nice to back in LA after being on the road for so long, but as usual my feet were getting itchy and it was time to take off and play some more shows. So, Monday night the whole Twilight clan
boarded a flight to New Zealand and stepped off the plane Wednesday morning in Auckland. I'm not sure what happened to Tuesday but I'm sure glad it wasn't my birthday.

So what's Auckland like? Obviously it's summer here right now, which we are all loving, but the closest I can surmise is it looks and feels like Portland/Seattle, very green and kind of humid. I can't pretend we aren't excited to be here, it was definitely a goal of ours to include the Pacific Rim on this tour and we are really happy to have accomplished that. So tonight we play The Studio and as far as I know we are expecting a good sized crowd so it should be a good night.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Australia, a place I have always wanted to visit. I can't wait. I'll keep y'all informed as to what's happening here and thanks to all of you for the support.

Hey, did you happen to catch us on the Timmy Kimmel show? It was great to have Joe Arthur with us and I'd be lying to say it wasn't a thrill for us to finally get some exposure on such a huge level. By the way, it's on youtube.com if you missed it.



originally posted 01.11.07