Back on the Mainland

Well, the ferry crossing back to England was uneventful thank the lord, and we made it to Nottingham with a few hours to spare. We played at Rescue Rooms which is right next door to Rock City where the Deftones were playing. We would have parked our bus back there, but apparently the Deftones need 3 busses and 2 semi-trucks for their show. That's not pretentious for a club show is it?

It was such a relief to be playing after having what amounted to 2 nights off. The set flew by but we played a solid 90 minutes of ear-shattering rock and roll, ending with Time of the Season. We were dripping with sweat which is always a good sign of a fun show, and the crowd seemed to have a great time. Afterwards I got to hang out, sign stuff, take pictures and have some good laughs with the locals. Thank you guys for last night, it more than made up for Oxegen.

So right now I am in an Intenet place in Islington, London. It's pretty early in the morning but I couldn't sleep amymore. Tonight we play the Garage, then tomorrow we head off to Spain. It's always weird for me to be here, even though I grew up in England I'm definitely a California boy in my heart. It is however hot as fuck here today though, so that feels like home.


originally posted 07.12.06