Birthdays Galore

For those of you that don't know Joe Zavaglia, he is the husky, hard working guy stationed at the soundboard at very one of our shows, mixing the sound that you all get to hear. He is also one of the greatest guys I've ever met and it was his birthday when we played Athens a few days ago. Happy Birthday, Joe, we love you mate.

Speaking of Athens, we had a great and interesting show. First let me say that the place was rammed with fans and they couldn't have been nicer. Now, you have to bear in mind that the band was somewhat delirious having flown all night and barely had any sleep, but that's never stopped us from rocking out before and it didn't this time either. So, right at the end of "Forty Dollars" Greg's amp seemingly takes a nosedive and we end the set. Now because of that we decided we had to call the show, obviously we can't do an encore if that amp is blown. Jimmy, our guitar tech, comes up to the dressing room after five minutes to tell us that the amp is not blown and the solution had been found to get it working. This is the point where the crowd grab the microphone off the stage and start demanding an encore. Taking a peek out the dressing room door we see that not one soul has moved, so of course we decide to go back out and perform the encore. It ended up a great show and we want to thank all of our Greek friends for coming out to support us.

It also happens that at the stroke of midnight it became Mark's birthday! Happy Birthday, Mark. We were all too knackered at that point to go out and celebrate with Mark, but we hopefully made it up the next day.

We flew into London the next day and drove to Brussels for the show at AB. 1700 fans showed up for one of the longest sets of the tour and helped us set the place on fire, although not in a Great White way. Afterwards we all headed to a local bar and the locals entertained us till the wee hours. All in all I'd say it was a great show, really fucking loud, but at this point it's all a bit loud 'innit?

So now we are in the Netherlands, playing at a club who's name I can't pronounce. Greg and Scotty (our tour manager) were here sixteen years ago with the Whigs so I'm sure it's a bit surreal to them. Soundcheck was fun as hell tonight and there might be a few surprises come show time. (Omerta, anyone?)

So onwards and upwards, the Twilight train continues. Thanks for the continued support, emails and well wishes, we appreciate you all.


originally posted 11.27.06