Bonjour Montreal

So people warned us that the crowds in Toronto would be subdued, apparently those people are on crack because the audience at Lee's last night was excellent, to the point where we came out and did two encores. Well done Toronto, you made us proud, we had a really great time.

Today I woke up in Montreal. Maybe it's just me, but the women seem to outnumber the men by 2 to 1 and they are pretty much all great looking. I can't understand a word they say (maybe I should have paid attention in French class), but really, who cares?

The club we are playing tonight has a really cool look, nice deep stage, good lights, loud sound system, etc. We just finished soundcheck, trying out some new songs, so there may be some surprises coming up.

In case you missed it, Mark Lanegan will be joining the tour in New Orleans all the way through LA, I know you folks are going to be happy about that. Also, Ani DiFranco will be performing with us in New Orleans and we'll be filming it for a possible DVD release.

So things are good in the Twilight camp right now and the train keeps a rolling...


originally posted 05.28.06