Bye Bye America

Well it's been a few days but I finally got to a computer, so let me catch you up.

Let me first say that Boston was one of my favorite shows of this whole tour; the crowd was so great, singing and smiling throughout the show, we had the greatest time. Thank you Boston for reminding us what a great crowd is. Afterwards we went to the frat bar next door and listened to a bunch of drunks doing karaoke, where I was reminded how glad I was to be me.

Onto D.C. and the Black Cat. Apparently a lot of people from Norfolk came down to this show and made their presence felt. The whole show the lighting guy had a red gel on me which washes out my fretboard completely and subsequently I had to face Bobby the whole night. Now I love Bobby but it would have been nice to see the crowd once in a while. The place was packed and the crowd was loud. We'll be back.

Then it was onto the final show in the States, Brooklyn. I have to say that this was somewhat of a magical show for us. On a rainy night about 900 of our closest friends showed up to wish us bon voyage and they did so with aplomb. We did an extra long show that night and left the stage dripping in sweat; feeling spent and happy. Afterwards we all piled over to Enid's down the street to have some drinks with our friends. Shortly after we left a car crashed into the bar.

This last leg of the tour has been so special for us. Our American fans are really just part of our extended family and we so appreciate all the support you shower upon us. We won't be playing the States for a while now, after this leg of the tour is over we'll be taking a little break from the Twilight Singers to regroup and start working on whatever is coming next. Don't fear though, we'll be back and probably sooner than expected. There may be something happening in the States in January that I can't talk about yet but will reveal when the time is appropriate.

Last night we played Dublin. Man, it is fucking cold here. I really should have bought a jacket. It was hard to read the Dublin crowd but they started making a ton of noise and wouldn't let us leave without an encore, so we provided one. It was weird because it was an early show, we hit the stage at 9:00pm, yet the place was sold out and packed to the rafters. Saturday night in Dublin is party central and the place was buzzing all night long. I have a dose of the jetlag and as such fell asleep around 4:00am, waking up 2 hours later ready to face the day. Or so I thought. Truth be told I got on the bus this morning to head to Belfast and woke up 5 minutes before soundcheck. Apparently, I was tired.

Now I'm backstage at the Limelight in Belfast, it's 2 hours till showtime, I need to take a shower and then we'll get our rock on. The stage is super fucking loud tonight, I hope you people coming are ready for a rock show.



originally posted 11.19.06