Chocolate City

Please excuse my absence, I've been kind of busy and getting to a computer has not been easy.

First off, the Nashville show was perhaps one of the most fun. I'm not really sure why, but I know we all stepped off that stage and felt great about it. After the show there was an excessive amount of alcohol consumed and around 5 a.m. a 'I bet I can throw this bottle further than you can' competition begun. I'm not really sure why it was so funny, but rest assured we have purchased a video camera so as to not miss any more 'golden moments'.

Then it was off to Atlanta. We've all played Smith's before so we knew what to expect, what we didn't expect however was the guy who wouldn't stop talking during the show. Here's the thing, if you come to see the Twilight Singers play, and you stand down the front, and during the show you can't stop fucking talking to your buddy, either:

a) Move to the back of the hall, so the people down front don't get pissed and the band don't get distracted by your being a moron.

b) Leave the venue and go back to Starbucks to get more java and yap your mouth off there til your heart's content.

c) Allow Greg to verbally rip you a new asshole from the stage in front of all your friends and then kick you out of the club.

Guess who chose answer 'c'?

Anyway, I digress. We blew the doors off the joint and begun the long trek to New Orleans. We did stop at a 'Waffle House' during the night though to get our grub on. C'mon, you can't blame us for that.

So now we are in New Orleans, one of my most beloved cities on the face of the planet. I'm not going to lie, it feels different here, there's definitely less of the exuberance and vivaciousness that this city deserves, but in time I trust it'll all flow back and more. All our friends are here, it feels like a family homecoming more than anything.

Mark Lanegan flew in yesterday and we are all so happy to see him. He definitely brings a uniqueness to the tour that we all love. Tonight Mark will jump up on stage with us to perform, and those of you that are lucky enough to get to see the dates from here on out will get to experience that too.

Our good friend Rio is filming a DVD of tonight's show, so we will pull out all the stops, not like we hold back any night anyways.

Thanks for all your emails, I'm doing my best to respond to all of them but it may take some time.



p.s. If anyone knows and good cowboy shirt stores in Austin, hit me up 'cos I need some.

originally posted 06.07.06