Cleveland Rocks...

So last night, for whatever reason, after the show I was running and stuck my foot in a pothole. The second I did it I thought I broke it, but the Twilight trauma team launched into action and saved the day. When I woke up this morning Bobby had gone out and bought me an ankle brace, what a good guy. So all I really have is a fucked-up ankle and bruised pride. See what running does to you?

Today, quite by chance I ran into an old friend of mine from LA that now lives in Cleveland, I love shit like that. So we hung out most of the day and caught up, it was really cool.

I'm sitting in the office at the Grog Shop right now, an hour before show time, smoking cigarettes and drinking red bull. I know, life on the road is glamorous.

We'll see you guys tonight; I promise you it'll be loud...


originally posted 05.24.06