Day Off

So after four shows in a row, finally we get to take a day off and relax a little. Right now I am in John Curley's house, drinking coffee and enjoying the serenity of a beautiful Cincinnati afternoon. Earlier in the day we visited and Greg did a stint at the mic while Jeff Klein and myself read Rolling Stone magazines from 1987 predicting how Michael Jackson would always be great. How times have changed.

The Indy show was perhaps the most relaxing and fun so far, my cheeks hurt this morning from smiling so much. Thanks to Abby for hanging out with me afterwards and making me laugh. We busted out a couple of songs last night for the first time on this tour, check out the front page for the set list.

Baseball is the order of the evening, and the entire Twilight camp will be heading to the Great American Ballpark for some hotdogs and beer. Ah, America...I love you so much.


originally posted 05.22.06