Double Your Pleasure

I gotta say, I had the greatest time in Portland. It felt great to be stationary in a place for three days, a familiar hotel room, the great hotel staff, and it wasn't 100 fucking degrees for once. We made some great friends while we were there, thanks for taking care of us and showing us a great time.

So, the second night we tried to vary the set as much as possible, and I believe at 23 songs it has clocked in as the longest set on the tour. During soundcheck we started jamming Let's Get It On, it felt so good that we put it in the set. Panties were removed, bodies were ground upon, and the scent of lust was deep in the air last night in a sweat and smoke-filled Doug Fir. And really, that's what rock and roll is all about, isn't it?

Crashing around 6 this morning, I awoke a few hours ago in Seattle and had to get up and perform on KEXP radio. We did three songs; find out what they are starting Thursday, June 22nd. Then I went back to bed.

So now Greg and I are sitting backstage in Seattle recuperating from last night's marathon set. Seattle is always a homecoming of sorts for Greg, and that Mark is here with us makes tonight extremely special.

I'm pretty sure, Seattle + Saturday night = a long night of intense music performed by the Twilight Singers.



originally posted 06.17.06