East Coast Love

Welcome back to the tour that never ends. At this point in a tour, the soul gets restless when we are not playing and the hi-jinks and pranks begin. I can't really elaborate but you get the point. At tonight's soundcheck we all played different instruments (Greg on drums, me on piano, etc.) and we played a bunch of Neil Diamond parody stuff, I pray to god nobody was recording it, but damn it was funny.

The last few shows have been a blast for us. Carrboro was a great time and we knew it would be. There's something about the fans there that bring out the best in us and they sure did that night, elevating us to play our heart's out. I'd like to say a special thanks to Shawn for taking care of all our cellular needs and for bringing his whole posse to the show.

The next night we played at the Norva in Norfolk, Virginia. Now, for those of you that don't know about this venue, let me explain why it's so cool. Other than the fact that the sound system kicks ass and personally I probably had the best bass sound I've had all tour, the backstage area is the way all backstage areas should be. A 16 person hot-tub, 2 huge lounges, a catering lounge and the feather in the cap, the massive games room complete with pool table, ping-pong and a grip of video games, etc. Man I love that place. Additionally the show was fucking magical with a superb audience who sang and danced along with us all night. All in all a great show and a great night, thank you guys.

Then it was back to one of our favorite cities, Philly. You guys never disappoint and it was great to see some familiar faces in the crowd. Philly has a certain vibe that I really can't explain, but it feels like home for some reason. It was great to see Ehud, our videographer, and he gave us 2 DVD's of the shows in Israel this last Summer. We seem to have a ton of footage from this last tour and I wouldn't be surprised if at some point we release something all of you can see. I'm not making any promises but it'd be nice to do something with all of it, keep your fingers crossed.

Now we are in Boston and I'm on the bus writing this. You know we love Boston and tonight there will be no quarter. It will be loud, it will be fun and I swear to you it will rock.

Thanks as always for the emails and support, keep them coming we love to read them.


originally posted 11.14.06