Tonight can only be described as a unique experience at the Southgate House. For those of you who weren't there, let me explain.

Like I said previously, all the bullshit rock n'roll clich├ęs don't apply to us, not because we want to be difficult (although some may argue), but because we are a seasoned rock band of veteran musicians and we don't feel the need to pander to anyone. That's the way it is. There's nothing I hate more than going to see a band I love and watching them go through the motions and that's something you will never see from us. Trust me, if we ever got to that point we'd pack it in and call it a day.

So tonight, the exceptionally vocal and excited crowd suddenly became nonchalant and apathetic during the encore break. Honestly, we were surprised as we waited backstage taking the well-deserved five minute break that we rely upon before coming back out and tearing it up. So, we figured that the crowd was done and nobody (including you dear reader) likes to witness anyone else's sense of self-entitlement. So we went back to the bus. Show over, done deal.

So Jeff heads back into the venue fifteen minutes later and comes back on the bus to tell us that nobody has left and it looks like a riot is going down. I gotta tell you, we were a little shocked because it certainly didn't feel that way as we left the stage. So, after debating whether or not to head back onstage we decided that if the crowd felt that strongly about an encore, that we'd oblige. Due to the fact that our crew had torn the stage down and the only thing left was a piano and two microphones, we improvised.

Greg took to the stage, seated behind the piano and explained in only the way that he can why we'd not returned previously and then launched into what has become known as the 'Killogy'. At the end the rest of the band got on stage and provided vocal harmonies for 'Wolk Like Me'. All in all it turned into a remarkable musical moment and something I felt really proud of.

A unique night for sure and one I hope those of you that stuck around until the end will never forget, I sure won't.


originally posted 11.04.06