Fish and Chips, Mate...

Apparently Lowlands is in the rain forest region of the world, or at least that's what it felt like. The rain was coming down in buckets all day long, then when we hit the stage it seemed to clear up for a moment and the sun shone through. I'm sure that's a metaphor for something but I'm not sure what. The performance was fun as hell, we had a great time and the crowd went from not knowing who the fuck we are to being avid fans in the space of an hour. Thank you, Lowlands.

Then we trekked off in the middle of the night to England. Our first gig was in Bristol, which is where I went to boarding school. I hadn't been there in about 23 years, so Dave Rosser and I went off to go see my old school for nostalgia's sake. It didn't seem so scary this time, I think I can finally get over those nightmares finally.

The Bristol show was indeed a fun time with Greg coming out solo on the piano for the encore and treating the crowd to 3 songs including The Killer and Black Love. The fans were great too and we got to hang out a while after and have a drink.

Next was London, a city where we know we'll get a warm reception. A sold out Scala crowd made us feel at home and 800 of our closest friends got to witness a really loud jam-packed set. My ears were ringing afterwards so lord knows how the crowd felt. After we hung out with our friend Rob and his cohorts, drinking, laughing and having a great time. Thanks for the pastries and DVD's, Rob.

Last night we played Liverpool, walking onstage to Judy Garland's version of You'll Never Walk Alone, and proceeded to obliterate the PA system. We got a great reception and the fans afterwards were great.

Now we are in Sheffield at the Boardwalk. I am a huge Clash fan and this is the club where they made their debut supporting the Sex Pistols so I'm really stoked. It promises to be a good show tonight, Sheffield is a really friendly place. I'll let you know how it goes.



originally posted 08.24.06