Goodbye LA...

Tuesday afternoon, I'm knee-deep in laundry (I really ought to start packing), Rosser's smoking like a chimney, the phone's ringing off the hook, and the anticipation for the tour is upon us.

Last night we packed up all our gear, said goodbye to our rehearsal spot, and realized the next time we'll be playing these songs will be in front of an audience. I can't wait.

Tomorrow we fly out of here (at some ungodly early hour), it'll be great to see some old friends (Joe Z.), and the debauchary begins. What's life like on the road? Well, if you ever watched one of those 'Behind the Music' episodes on VH1, it's way more fun than that. By the way, did you see the Pantera one the other night? Damn that shit was good.

Powder Burns is out today, go grab it, sing along at the shows, bring your friends and let's have a party.

Seriously, I need to start packing...


originally posted 05.16.06