Guitar City

Sometimes life surprises me. Who knew that the Cat's Cradle gig would be so good? Who knew the crowd would be so vocal, enthusiastic and driving? Thank you guys for creating a stadium-sized atmosphere in a club. It was great to talk to a bunch of you after the show, your love for the band always amazes and flatters me.

Right before we went on stage last night, Patrick from the Raconteurs called us to ask if they could open for us tonight in Nashville. Well, after some musing we said yes, after all, it would be fun to play with those guys. After about half an hour Patrick called back to say that they didn't think it could happen but that he would be at the show to cheer us on. That's when Greg said 'I'm glad you came to your senses'. I laughed.

Anyway, tonight's show promises to be great, the club is beautiful and we are stoked to be in Nashville. By the way if anyone works for Cingular, can you drop me an email, I have a request.



originally posted 06.04.06