Hot chicks in a limo...

So a day off in Oklahoma City, good times. Somehow we all ended up at the mall buying crap we don't need because boredom has a way of doing that to you. I bought a beard trimmer, yeah exactly. Honestly, I don't know what to do on day's off, I'd really rather be playing.

Albuquerque was actually a really fun show. The crowd gave it up as soon as we hit the stage and you know we like that. There was a girl down front who upon seeing Greg started having a panic attack (but in a good way), it was sweet. We met a bunch of people who had driven from Denver and Dallas to come see us. Thanks for driving, guys.

Late tonight we head to Omaha. I remember the last time we played there, it was a lot of fun. I'll just be happy to be playing.



p.s. The title of this post is cryptic on purpose, but you know who you are.

originally posted 10.29.06