Hot Hot Heat

I've never had to do a costume change during a show in my entire 20 years of touring, I usually reserve that stuff for the likes of Cher or Kelly Clarkson. However, I have also not played on the inside of an oven, otherwise known as the Garage in London. During the encore break I noticed I could barely move due to the weight of my sweat-drenched clothes, so after a quick costume change it was back on the stage to finish out a set that in my eyes personified rock and roll. London was a fantastic time for us, a sold out, hot, sweaty club and some blistering music, that's my idea of a good night.

Afterwards we hung out with our good friend Rob who took us around the London nightlife until we found ourselves eating at a small diner in Soho as the sun rose, all in all a fun-packed night.

So now I am sitting backstage in Barcelona, which by the way, is also ridiculously hot. Tonight we play the Summercase Festival, then tomorrow we head out to Madrid. I love Spain, there's something about this place that is so relaxing. Last night the band headed into the center of town to have a great meal and take in the sights, of which there were plenty.

We only have 5 more shows on this leg, but I have a feeling there's a grip of shows coming up, stay tuned for details.


originally posted 07.14.06