I'm Ready...

The only thing missing tonight from our rehearsal room were a bunch of fat guys in towels, 'cos it was that hot, the sort of hot where the sweat stings your eyes and the music swirls around you. It felt good.

Everyone's in high spirits, we have one more rehearsal tomorrow night, then it's 'pack up the gear time', and start doing laundry for the month long journey around our fine country.

I hope you guys are ready for some long shows, I got a feeling it'll be happening.

Remember, Powder Burns is released this Tuesday, so please don't pirate it, support the band by actually buying it. We put our heart and soul into making this album, and we need the support of the fans to keep doing what we do.

The reviews thus far have been glowing, which makes us proud to no end, and we can't wait to take it out on the road and play the new stuff live.

Alright, Sunday night, time for some kip.



originally posted 05.15.06