Is it really this cold?

Welcome back, grab a seat, here's the story so far.

I knew Omaha was going to be cold. Last time we played at Sokol Underground, I believe it was November and it was freezing, but holy shit I need to buy a jacket. I'm going to invest in some gloves, too so my hands don't feel like two blocks of ice come showtime. In spite of the cold we had a great time at the Omaha show, thanks for coming out on a cold night, guys.

Then there's the dark horse city, St. Louis. Supposedly the most dangerous city in the country. Who knew this place was going to be one of the most fun shows? The audience was great, pumping us full of energy and we reciprocated with all the fervor we could muster. Thank you guys for giving us a great surprise and you know we'll be back.

Onto Chicago, one of our favorite cities and only slightly more freezing than Omaha. Now, people were wondering why we didn't do an encore on night one and I'd like to explain. One thing we are not is a 'by the numbers' band. Every night we try to have a different experience and to create a unique musical situation. Therefore, just because in rock n' roll the encore has become this cliché, it doesn't mean that we have to adhere to it. An encore is earned by the audience, it is certainly not 'a given'. Draw your own conclusions.

Night two was a different story. The audience brought their 'A-game' and you guys deserved every second of the two hour show that ensued. By now you surely have figured out that the Twilight Singers is part us, part you. We pulled out 'Wicked', 'Fat City', 'Feeling of Gaze' and 'Dead to Rights' amongst many others, a few rarities for some of our closest friends. Last night was like great sex, I was certainly spent afterwards and nothing more needed to be said, the smiles on all our faces said it all. Thanks Chicago, you rose to the challenge admirably.

Today we all went to see a lunch-time showing of Borat. I laughed my ass off the whole time, I highly recommend it. Tonight we play the Southgate House, it's the homecoming gig for Greg, the show is already sold out, it's Friday night, you know a good time is coming.

Must buy gloves.


originally posted 11.03.06