Last night...

Ya gotta love Chicago. We didn't hit the stage until 1:30am (Mogwai played an earlier show, they rocked by the way), and there you all were, a sellout crowd, singing, dancing, smiling, it was magic. I think we left the stage almost 2 hours later, dripping in sweat, the sound of the audience ringing in our ears. You didn't disappoint.

Big thanks to Joe S. for taking care of us like only he can do, and it was great to see some old friends come and support us. Chicago deep dish pizza fucking rules by the way.

Tonight we play the hometown gig, the Southgate House. We'll be filming this one, as we will many of the shows on this tour, and one day maybe all that footage will see the light of day.

I gotta go to soundcheck now, but we'll see you guys tonight to blow the roof off this joint.



originally posted 05.20.06