Low Blood Sugar Sex Magic

So here's my tip for you. If you happen to be playing a show in Sheffield, you know the sort of thing that requires high energy under hot lights for around 90 minutes, eat some food prior. Seriously, it's a good thing. I wish I had remembered to do that because as we started Sideways In Reverse I began to pass out. I remember the thought going through my mind at 100 MPH was "Oh dear Lord, please allow me to stay upright and not puke". Luckily my prayers were answered and I made it, but I won't be doing that again.

Luckily though the Sheffield show was great, people showed up in droves and cheered us on and we appreciated it.

Last night we played the Reading Festival, which as an English kid was always a dream for me. The Carling tent was ram-packed and the fans couldn't have been cooler. There's something about English fans, I'm not sure if it's that soccer chanting thing they do or what it is, but they sure make you feel at home. We got to see Peaches in the afternoon and I found myself singing 'Shake your Tits' for about 2 hours afterwards. Good times.

Now we are backstage at the Leeds Festival hanging out with our friends Eagles of Death Metal and Gogol Bordello and generally having a good time. Only 4 more shows until this leg of the tour is over, let the good times roll...


originally posted 08.26.06