No sleep 'til Athens...

Hey, welcome back everyone, the last few days have been a whirlwind of activity, so please excuse my absence.

First off, I want to thank the fans in Belfast for such a great reception and for one of the most fun shows on the tour so far. It was one of those hot, sweaty club shows that I Iove oh so much. At the adjoining club as we were playing, WASP were performing their special brand of music. Greg and I tried to get in to see their stage set-up because we had heard of the legendary microphone stand that was the talk of the night, but alas we were not allowed. After we played, Bobby and I were hanging out in the pub that sat in between the two clubs. A young Belfast girl came up to us and told us she'd come to see WASP but had slipped in to see what we were all about and subsequently decided to stay and watch us. I consider that a compliment.

The travelling circus then moved to Glasgow, a city we really love so much. We played in a club that was located in the bottom of a really old church, a great venue. The Glasgow crowd was in great spirits, the alcohol flowed freely and so did the show. One thing I'm noticing about these Euro shows is that the clubs are packed, it's such a treat for us to play to sold out houses, we really appreciate it.

Then we headed to Manchester to play the Academy for the second time this year. Once again the room was more packed that I have ever remembered seeing it and the audience was chomping at the bit. We certainly delivered a solid rock show that night and afterwards we headed down the street to get kebabs (so delicious) and hang out at Big Hands which is the bar next door. Lots of fans came to hang out with us and as the alcohol consumption started to get out of hand I decided to split and head back to the bus.

When I woke up we were pulling into Camden, North London, which is pretty much where I spent all my teenage years, it was weird to see it 20 years later. The gig at KOKO was certainly memorable for all of us, an absolutely beautiful venue that was packed to capacity. So many of our friends came to see us play and the crowd looked beautiful, smiling and singing along the whole night. The scene in our dressing rooms afterwards looked like a Motley Crue video, it started to get very rock and roll. London... I could never live there again, but it's a great place to visit.

We're in Athens, Greece right now. The band is delirious with lack of sleep, we pretty much flew out a couple of hours after the London gig. The club here is packed already, the lines outside are long and I think the delirium will make for an interesting show.


originally posted 11.24.06