Scandi-fest 2006

So, last I left you we were in Denmark, I know it's been awhile, but you know the deal. I am gladly taking donations to the 'get Scott a laptop fund' but I have a feeling it's not gonna happen.

Anyway, to continue, the show at Vega was so a blast. It was particularly redeeming to me as last time we played there I had a horrible night after stepping onstage to find my bass tuned up a half step. It kinda killed the night for me so this time around I double checked and a splendid time was had by all. Up until that point, it was perhaps my favorite show.

After the show we all headed to a bar and subsequently a lot of drinking ensued. Somehow we lost track of time and got back to the bus at 2:30AM. No problem, except the bus call was 12:30AM. We got a right bollocking from our tour manager, David, which we attempted to take seriously but couldn't help laughing. Rock and roll, I love it.

So then it was on to Sweden; to Stockholm, a city I've never seen before without a thick layer of snow on it. This time, however, it was beautiful and hot, a much different experience. We played at Debaser (yes all the drinks are named after Pixies songs), a place we've played before. The joint was packed, lust hung heavy in the air, we came, we saw, we rocked, we split.

The next day found us in Goteborg for a festival show. We weren't supposed to headline, but due to the terrorist actions in London (fuck you, terrorists), Echo and the Bunnymen couldn't fly over, so we ended up being the headliners. We were a little apprehensive as there seemed to be a plethora of goth chicks there and we weren't sure how we'd go over. We needn't have worried though as the whole crowd came to see us and proceeded to rock out. It was one of the most fun shows I think we've had, if not the strangest.

Onwards we headed to Oslo, Norway, to play the Oya Festival. It was a pretty cool 3 day festival with Beck, Morrissey, the Cramps, and many more appearing. We played on Day 2 and a healthy crowd of at least 5000 people came to see us. The crowd seemed a little reserved though, and that's never a good thing for us as we thrive on the energy a crowd gives us. You never know what you are going to get at a festival show, but we felt like we gave it our all and the people seemed really happy to see us.

The next morning (really fucking early) we jumped on a plane to Finland, a place where the band has never played before. I'll tell you right now, this was, without a doubt the best show of the tour so far for us. Scandinavia, we have a winner, and Helsinki you are it. The crowd was so into it, they danced and sang all night, so we just kept playing. We kept adding songs because we didn't want to leave the stage, but leave we did after 2 hours of the most sweaty, intense, rock and roll you can imagine. It was a fantastic night and we are really happy we made the effort to come here.

Today, as in right now, we are in the studio in Helsinki, recording something you will all eventually hear. You are going to like it, mark my words. No pun intended.



originally posted 08.13.06