Southern Rock

I gotta tell you, D.C. remains one of our favorite places to play in the world. When Greg says they are the best audience in the country, he's not kidding. You guys lifted us up and made us play our hearts out. We thank you for that, and you know that we'll be back.

Thank you to all of the friends we made that hung out after and got drunk with us at the bar across the street, you guys know more shit about me than I do, bravo on the research.

So now we are in North Carolina, the trek deep into the South has begun. You know we love playing down here. I get the feeling that the Twilight Singers is damn close to a southern rock band at times and I'm not complaining about that. I remember the first time I heard Freebird, it was blasting out of some kid's window as I was passing by, and I stood there transfixed till it finished, I'd never heard anything like it. As a kid in London, we didn't get a lot of southern rock, so I've been making up for lost time ever since I moved to America many moons ago.

Last night Greg and I started season two of Twin Peaks on the bus, you guys rule, thanks for helping us out. Everyone told me the series was really weird, but I didn't see that. Then season two started and I'm kinda getting what you meant. David Lynch blows my mind.

Soundcheck is about to start, there are cheap cigarettes to be bought, and the Twilight Singers are playing on a Saturday night. Good times...


p.s. Thanks to Elizabeth for the pies. They were delicious.

originally posted 06.03.06