The Boys Are Back In Town...

New album, new website, new tour, and the jewel in the crown, the new journal!

It feels great to be back, gearing up to take the Twilight machine on the road again. I know we’ll be seeing so many of you while we are out there, and for those of you that like to follow the happenings in the Twilight camp, I’ll be updating this journal leading up to the tour, and then throughout it.

Let’s take care of business right now. For you web savvy people (I’m assuming all of you since you are reading this), Powder Burns, our new album, will be released tomorrow, April 25th, on iTunes. Yes, I know, it’s exciting isn’t it?

For those that like to actually hold something in their hands (double entendre intended), the CD and vinyl versions of Powder Burns will be released May 16th. The artwork is really something to behold.

This record really means a lot to us and hopefully it will to you, too.

Greg and I just got back from a European press tour where anticipation for the new album is really high. Of course, right before that we played SXSW and loved it. Man, the crowds were fantastic and we really want to thank all of you that lined the club and the streets outside supporting us. Actually, someone videotaped it from the street, take a gander,

So the tour itinerary is posted, hopefully we are playing somewhere near you. We are really excited to be heading out with our friends Afterhours and Jeff Klein. It really feels like a family outing. A huge dysfunctional family, but family nonetheless. I promise you guys will be stoked to see these bands, so get to the shows early.

I’ll keep updating the journal whenever I get inspired, so keep checking back in. Also, if you have questions, etc., I’ll do my best to answer them.


Scott Ford

originally posted 04.24.06