The East Coast Run

Well, just woke up in D.C., I'm in the 9:30 Club right now sitting in the wonderful air-conditioning that is in sharp contrast to the humid, muggy atmosphere outside.

I would say that NYC was a damn good time, wouldn't you? The sweat was dripping off me by Esta Noche and it just continued from there. New York sang their hearts out and I loved it.

A big thank you to all the fans that have made the East Coast trek with us, it's always nice to see you guys after the show and hang out. Thanks for all the care packages, gifts and good vibes, you really spoil us and we appreciate the love.

Tonight we rock D.C. in one of the best clubs in the country. It's Friday night, no work tomorrow, let's stay up late and get into trouble together.


originally posted 06.02.06