Tour Wrap-Up Report

So I've been home for about 10 days now and it's probably time to wrap up the journal from the first leg of the tour. Of course, I brought home a little gift with me namely 'tour cough', I really have to stop smoking. So, let's see...

The whole experience of playing in Israel was something I don't think any of us will ever forget. First off, before I even got on the plane I ran into one of my oldest friends at the airport, a guy I hadn't seen in 20 years, who just happened to live in Israel now and wanted to come to the show. It kind of blew my mind. Last time I saw him we were 18 and now I got to play with his kids and meet his wife and all that good stuff, life is trippy sometimes.

Anyway, we get to Tel Aviv and it's hot, balmy and very exotic. We get whisked through the airport Aerosmith style, no waiting in lines, grab our gear and jump in 2 vans that take us to the hotel which is right on the beach. I couldn't really sleep that night so I ended up staying up and watching the sunrise. We had the next day off so we pretty much just kicked it at the beach and ate a lot.

The first show on the following day will go down for me as one of the best shows we've ever played. It seemed like the crowd had been waiting for us all their lives and when we came onstage they made a roar that almost took my head off. You see, when a crowd is that excited I can't help but get excited too and something magical happens. The onstage sound was tolerable at best but we didn't care and played our asses off for the next 2 hours. Afterwards the fans hung around demanding autographs, pictures and all that stuff and we were happy to oblige.

The second show was the last show of the tour so we just went for it and played like madmen. We opened with 'That's Just How...' which was the only time we haven't opened with 'I'm Ready' all tour, and it was on. We also pulled out Strange Fruit for the first time on this tour; I don't think I'd played it since we recorded it originally. All in all it was a fantastic night and the fans couldn't have been greater.

I just want to say a big thanks to all of you that came to see us on this last leg, from Helsinki to Berlin, from Tel Aviv to London and everywhere in between. You guys made us feel welcome and appreciated and we loved playing for you.

So now we are enjoying a little down time, but I mean a little, then we are taking off again for the last leg of the tour which starts in San Francisco in October. We'll play a bunch of shows on American soil then it's over to Europe again to wrap things up.

Thanks for all the support, we really appreciate it, see ya on the road.


originally posted 09.14.06