Twilight Returns...

...and don't it feel good. So I figured it was time to get back to this journal thing that I know you like so much. Thanks for all your emails, etc., there really are too many for me to respond to but I try to do my best so keep sending them in. On with the story so far...

San Francisco, and quite possibly the most beautiful venue I've ever played in, the Great American Music Hall. Night one of a tour is always a nerve-wracking event for any band, new songs, six weeks off, getting back into that 'on the road' mindset. All in all I'd say it was a pretty succesful night. We broke out some new tunes such as 'Dead to Rights', 'Sublime'and 'Wicked', and they seemed to go over real well. I know 'Wicked' isn't a new song but we've never played it live before. The crowd was great, fueling us with their enthusiasm and excitement, and that's why we love coming to play SF.

Then we headed back to LA, my home, to play the House of Blues up on the Sunset strip. I don't think I am exaggerating when I say that this may have been the best show we have ever played. From the second we stepped on the stage opening with 'Teenage Wristband', the crowd was cheering us on and obviously there to have a good time. The sound on stage was awesome and I actually smiled a lot during the show, and you know that's pretty rare for me. It was great to see all our friends there and afterwards we all headed upstairs to party in the Foundation Room. It was bittersweet for me as we were celebrating a great show and at the same time saying goodbye to our friends for a while. Somebody call the wahmbulance.

Then we headed to Tucson where we spent a day off. Not a whole lot to do in Tucson apparently but we made the best of it. There was a dance club happening in the lobby of the hotel so I went and slept on the bus where it was actually quiet. Greg and I watched 'Bullit' with Steve McQueen which I remember being a far better movie than it actually is. Rent 'The Great Escape' it's way better.

The next night we played to around 300 people packed into Club Congress. All I have to say is the crowd is really important to the show, it's really a dance between you and us, and when you have two left feet that dancing is pretty well hindered. There were definitely some hardcore fans there and their enthusiasm was felt and we thank you for that.

Right now I'm in a coffee shop in Albuquerque waiting for the boys to finish setting up so we can soundcheck. It's Saturday night and I really need to get my fix on. I hope you do too.


originally posted 10.28.06