Two Hits and a Miss

So, where to start? How about Glasgow...

The Glasgow crowd is one of those crowds I'd like to take everywhere with us. At the end of every song they not only clap and cheer but they do some sort of soccer chant which sounds fucking great. In keeping with tradition Greg wore a kilt for the encore. When he turned to me during Underneath the Waves and mouthed 'my kilt's about to fall off' I couldn't help but laugh as he was naked as a baby underneath. I'm pretty sure we wouldn't have stopped playing but man, what a story that would have been.

So onwards to the T in the Park festival. The chaos that is festivals was no different here, tons of people, lots of acts we wanted to see, old friends from LA, etc. We got to play a 10 song set in the King Tut's tent, a massive space that I am happy to say was mostly full even though we had a really early 1:50pm time slot. I saw a lot of Twilight fans singing along and I'm sure we got some new converts too.

I got to see Paul Weller from the photo pit right in front of the stage. It was honestly a bit of a snoozefest (I'm a huge Weller fan) right up until the opening chords to Town Called Malice rang out and I had a flashback to being a teenager. It was the highlight of my day. If you never got into the Jam you owe it to yourself to go buy their albums.

So here's the bad news. We wake up on Sunday morning and I notice that we are on the bus on dry land when we really should have been on a ferry on our way to Ireland for the Oxegen festival. So, I asked our bus driver what's going on, to which he replies 'I overslept, sorry'. Needless to say, we missed the ferry and subsequently would have arrived to late late to play our time slot. Nonetheless we hauled ass and made it to Dublin, albeit 30 minutes too late. We are so sorry for all the disappointed fans, there was nothing we could do. I'll see if it's possible for us to do a make up gig here.

We were all very excited to play Oxegen and you can imagine how bummed out we were. This was all tempered however when Italy won the World Cup and we roamed around the streets singing Italian songs with Manuel and Roberta, hugging strangers and partying till the wee hours. There were so many Italians in Dublin last night it was crazy.

So, tonight we leave for Nottingham, we play there tomorrow night. And we will be there even if I have to drive the fucking bus.


originally posted 07.10.06