The Twilight Singers


Access: August 18, 2005

August 18,2005

Question Submitted by Doug
In my humble opinion, the tracks from both Twilight albums really, really explode and come to life when you guys do them live. Will you maintain your use of electronic drums, sequencers and other digital instruments for your future recordings.. or will you bring that live sound back to your albums? Either way I am a fan for life and will always feel that you are one of the most genuine and heart felt rockers on the planet. Thanks for the incredible sounds.


Your opinion is valid, in that the records you speak of were done by me initially to a click track and then embellished in the studio by other players along the way. This method is good for a songwriter like myself who was attempting to experiment outside of the "band" concept. If you listened to "She Loves You", you probably noticed the live feel of the songs, as they were mostly recorded live in the studio. The record i'm working on now, will encompass both styles, sometimes in the same song. When I begin a song alone, i usually hone in on something i like about it or I abort the mission. However, if I had the time and money to rehearse a band with every song i write you'd hear something more akin to the live show. Sometimes that's what i want and sometimes it's not, but you'll get plenty of explosions this next time out, i can assure you.

Question Submitted by Chris
I'm a long time fan & recently found out that you were a UFO fan. Very nice! I understand that you have played "Love To Love" in concert on occasion. I noticed a slight similarity between the Amber Headlights cover & the cover for "Force It" by UFO. Was that Hipgnosis artwork an influence on your choice of covers?


UFO are one of the greatest rock bands to ever walk the Earth. I have been a huge fan of them since i was a boy, especially of Phil Mogg, the singer, who has a truly amazing voice. I did a show this past winter with the Section Quartet and we did indeed perform "Love To Love". The similarity between the album covers is purely coincidental, but i do see it and i'm psyched. Hipgnosis have produced some of the best album art of all time, with UFO's albums all being phenomenal, in particular: "Force It", "No Heavy Petting" and "Obsession"


Question Submitted by Jake
Is Amber Headlights considered to be a Twilight Singers album or a Greg Dulli album and since The Twilight Singers is your solo project, what is the difference between The Twilight Singers and Greg Dulli solo? Thank you for finally putting this album out!


If you know anything about me, by now you must know that i am willfully eccentric and comfortably confused. Since i didn't know what i wanted to do when i was writing the songs on "Amber", i felt it best to leave the Twilight name off the project, so as not to mislead that it was the new Twilight record. I thank you for the compliment, tho.

Question Submitted by Jamie
So I'm seeking advice and I figure I might was well go to the source given the opportunity. I'm trying to find a stronger defense for an argument I often bring up in musical circles amongst my friends essentially involving the statement "Black Sabbath's first album and Gentlemen are two of the best soul records ever made." I just can't seem to convince anyone that Ozzy's 2 references to Satan during the album's progression put my position on shaky ground. I'm not kidding about this statement in the least though. I put both on the highest pedestal. I guess I'm a sucker for concept albums even though the theme may simply be the demise of a love affair.


Satan is present in all the best music, including and especially soul music. Music that straddles the sacred and profane is usually, when played well, called rock and roll, soul, blues, rhythm and blues, jazz, heavy metal or hip hop. It just is. That said, Bill Ward, Sabbath's drummer, is, along with John Bonham and Cozy Powell, one of the funkiest rock drummers of all time. It is evident to me that Sabbath was weaned on blues and rhythm and blues and I've often said that soul music is not a color or genre, but a feeling. Your position is solid and on high ground. Ram it down your opponent's gullet.