The Twilight Singers


Greg Dulli on "Amber Headlights"

August 8,2005

In the spring of 2001, I began to work on songs for the first time in well over a year. The Afghan Whigs had called it a day and I had released the first Twilight record a year previously. What you have here are my days in the wilderness trying to make sense of my first foray into recording without a net. The songs contained here are the "works in progress" that began a year after my move back to Los Angeles. I went to a party where Dave Catching introduced me to Mathias Schneeberger, who would become my friend and collaborator on this and subsequent recordings. It was also during this year that I would meet many of the musicians who I continue to work with to this day. I met Jon Skibic at a "Beatles" rehearsal and he would prove to be one of the finest guitarists I have ever played with. His contributions have become an integral part of the sound I had been seeking and continue to. Michael Sullivan, Matt "Ripple" Hergert and the incomparable Ben Daughtrey I had known since the '80's' in Ohio nad Kentucky and they are in full flower here. John Curley came out to hold my hand for a track and Jerome Dillon joined in. Petra Haden lent her transcendence whenever she walked in the room and Kerry Brown introduced me to Muddy Dutton, who in turn unleashed Bobby Macintyre upon an unsuspecting world. In between recording in LA, I began to drift back to New Orleans, site of both the final Whigs record and first Twilight record. Here began my creative relationship with Mike Napolitano who had already been my dear friend and co-conspirator. Between my two adopted homes, I started to make headway on a rock album that reflected both my time in the Afghan Whigs and the places I wanted to go. On January 11, 2002 I cut the demo for a song called "Get the Wheel" that I recalled the lyrics to "Cigarettes," which had already been recorded. That night I had dinner with my friends Denis Leary, Ken Ober, Ted Demme and his wife Amanda. Two days later, Ted Demme died on a basketball court in Santa Monica and the recordings I had worked on up to at that point were put away, as they had no connection to me or my life at that long moment. "Get the Wheel" became "Follow You Down" and I began to record anew, the result being "Blackberry Belle", the second Twilight Singers record. Since that time, I have been asked "Whatever happened to the songs you were working on before Teddy died?" Here they are.

This is "Amber Headlights."

Greg Dulli / Arcadia, CA / March 14, 2005